When I came to the Activate U Now program, I was at my wits end. Although I had all of the makings of success, I felt incomplete on the inside. I have always considered myself a life-long learner, so you can imagine, I had read countless self-help books, listened to motivational CDs and participated in several forums/conference to help identify and fill the void that was so prevalent in my daily existence. I had gotten to a point where I was willing to accept that I was just meant to live out my life in this way.

In response to a conversation I had with God, I somehow stumbled upon Malane and the Activate You Now program. I spent 12 intensive months in coaching and it has honestly changed my life. Though the journey has sometimes been VERY difficult to travel, I feel like I have finally reconnected with that side of myself that has been left unloved and unattended for many years. I reconnected with the authentic “me”. Through coaching, I began to recognize that I didn’t really know myself so I could not completely love myself. This lack of love lent itself to an inability to trust myself or my higher power thus providing a great deal of anguish in my life and in some of my relationships.

The coaching program provided me with a lot of useful tools, on-going support and most importantly, it taught me how to live authentically. Now, instead of waking each day with a feeling of uncertainty, I feel at peace, joyous and loved. I learned how to love myself from the inside out rather than seeking it from external sources (i.e., family, relationships, material possessions, daily conditions). By coincidence, today, a gentleman wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day with the hope that “I get everything that I want”. Before I could think about it, I said to him, “I already have everything that I want”. Wow! Even I could not believe my response but it’s true. While I still have much work to do, I have a strong foundation on which to build and the tools to carry with me on my journey. There is nothing more pleasurable than the inner stillness that is brought about by a sense of knowing. I know now that I am enough – just as I am…I am loved. Thanks Malane!


Tracey Knight