This experience has made such a positive impact on my life that trying to describe it in words is almost impossible. Originally, I had no intentions of seeking a life coach for my personal benefit, but was seeking mediation for issues being experienced in the relationship I was in at the time. To my surprise, the mediation attempt ended up being a deep dive into my personal being on levels I never knew existed. The outcome of these sessions was an awakening to my divine self and a departure of old habits, behaviors etc. The most important thing I realized was how negative thoughts created negative energy that blocked my flow of life. This discovery alone blew my mind and gave me a new outlook on my personal life. 

I can now recognize the negative thoughts and work to turn them around. This has increased my confidence enormously, and I’m much more self-aware now. The new information gifted to me through the program allowed me to focus on my own actions VS being judgmental of what others are saying and doing. For the first time I can see myself as someone who can make an impact on this world. Her gentle guidance and strong support has led me down a path pointing me to the exact place I needed to be. ( finding myself ).

This work has allowed me to heal years of conditioning, fear, self-doubt, over confidence, dishonesty and being detached from my emotions. She had faith in me when I had none in myself! She showed me how to have faith in myself and I am a new man because of it. Until I met Malane I was conditioned to be cold-hearted & shut down when it came to my feelings. Now I realize that my emotional state needs to be stronger than my physical body in order to be the man I was called to be. 


Jeremy Johnson