This experience was great, I must say I really enjoyed the different activities. I have received the empowerment that I came into this seeking for. Everything made lots of sense. I am very grateful.

I came in a little defeated and drained. I had a lot of self-defeating thoughts about my job performance and during our session with Malane and Ashe’ I’ve learned I can replace and cancel those thoughts out with words of prayer using statements and words of affirmation. I learned that Dr. W supports and cares for her staff and we all are capable of so much more then we gave ourself credit for. Thank you!

Malane’s workshop had changed my perception of myself. I learned to do a deeper soul search and figure out why I see the world the way I do. Ultimately, I learned that my perception is based on my love for myself. You should also learn to accept your humanity, embrace it and grow.

Malane Shani Global Empowerment has made me realize so much about myself and made me understand things I need to work on, in just a short period of time. I can only imagine how life changing things would be if I had the full boot camp! Definitely worth it!

Wonderful experience!! Didn’t have any idea of what I was getting into however, I must admit it was all worth it. I feel empowered and ready to “push through” situations and circumstances that come my way!

Malane and Ashe’s radiant positive energy has a way of bringing out a part of yourself that you might not know is there. A little time with them is empowering and emotional and makes you want to push yourself towards visions you thought were impossible. Thank you!

Today’s group activities help me learn more about myself and the people around me. The tools I gained from this experience I will use for the rest of my life. I’m thankful I had this chance to grow.



Dr. Chandra William’s Team