I’ve been seeing a life coach for about 6 months now. Her name is Malane Shani.  I call her my “homegirl, priest, shrink” She is all that wrapped into one! She’s amazing and since seeing her I’ve made so many great changes in my life and business. Many of you who follow my progress, know how fast things have been rolling with me over the past few years. Being able to channel God’s energy and presence coupled with the knowledge and wisdom of someone who’s pulling from the same energy is absolutely awesome!

I had the pleasure of attending a vision board workshop with Malane over the weekend and it was really great. We had a lot of great activities going on there and it was truly an awesome experience. If you’re ready to truly move your life into a new direction, I really encourage you to sign up for this workshop.

The bible says “Write the vision and make it plain” and that’s just what we did at the workshop.


April B