Kari’s Elevated Goddess View for 6/18/17

On last Sunday's show, we discussed the importance of men cultivating intimacy in their own relationships and lives. Intimacy, in its simplest definition, is the feeling of closeness created between two previously separate subjects. In relationships, intimacy is what creates the bond between people. There's always that period during a blossoming relationship where you don't … Continue reading Kari’s Elevated Goddess View for 6/18/17


4 steps on why we should break cycles and patterns from the past

When you keep making the same decisions and having the same regrets, it drains your energy, eventually leaving you feeling too weak to take control of your own fate. When you are living in cycles and patterns that don't serve your highest good or encourage your evolution, you are always searching for that person place … Continue reading 4 steps on why we should break cycles and patterns from the past

“Revealed… Now You Know” 10th Anniversary

Malane Shani's 10 year anniversary limited edition album Revealed... Now You Know is now available for purchase on iTunes. It includes audience favorites like "Rain", which you might remember from the intro to the Conversations with Goddess M show. Affirmational and inspiring, this CD provides its listeners a musical, self-healing journey. It provokes genuine self-reflection, … Continue reading “Revealed… Now You Know” 10th Anniversary