On Femininity

I never knew what love was. I never knew what womanhood and femininity were either. All I knew was what my mother knew, and all she knew was brokenness–no doubt inherited from her mother, and her mother’s mother, and so on. I treated myself like a meal, something to be consumed. Everything I did added … Continue reading On Femininity

Kari’s Elevated Goddess View 11/7/16

Kari's Elevated Goddess View of Conversations with Goddess M. "Return of the Matriarch... It's About Time" 11/06/16 Last Sunday on Conversations With Goddess M, we discussed the rise of feminine energy, and how we can open ourselves to integrate with it and bring balance into our lives. Patriarchal societies are typically known just for their … Continue reading Kari’s Elevated Goddess View 11/7/16