Know the difference between feelings and emotions

Feelings are what you feel on the inside. So if you feel anger, or you feel pain or you feel happy, that’s what is happening on the inside of you. How you emote is how you decide to deal with the feeling. When you have a feeling, you decide how you’re going to emote it. … Continue reading Know the difference between feelings and emotions

Kari’s Elevated Goddess View 4/17/16

Kari's Elevated Goddess View Of Conversations with Goddess M. Food is Medicine... Self-Care and the Practice of Non- Attachment. 4/17/2016 We had a powerful show last Sunday evening on Conversations with Goddess M. We discussed the correlation between emotions and our health and the importance of the energy of our food with Carla DeRosa, RAWx … Continue reading Kari’s Elevated Goddess View 4/17/16