Revealed… Now You Know CD

Revealed… Now You Know 10th Anniversary CD, by Malane Shani

R&B/Soul, Spoken Word

Affirmational and inspiring, this CD provides its listeners with a musical, self-healing journey. With pain, there is joy, and with darkness, there is light–this CD is about allowing yourself to love and accept both states of being. At times, it sounds cold and reflective, and at others, warm and rhythmic. It’s all about the journey of healing, in every stage of life. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be in pain and its okay to love, heal and be free of the past and to open your heart to receive. This CD provokes contemplation and genuine self-reflection, so that one can re-emerge at the end of the CD a person who has begun to heal and release their past, beginning anew.

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