Kari’s Elevated Goddess View for 8/6/17

Everything in life is a cycle. There’s the cycle from summer to winter, the cycle from birth to death. We have cycles of releasing and receiving in our own lives. If you want to receive, you have to release. It’s a law of the universe: you cannot maintain what you receive unless you have cleared the space for it by releasing and letting go. You can definitely receive more money, new relationships, or a new home–but to keep it, you have to let go of some old pathologies and patterns. On last Sunday’s show, we discussed the energy of this month, and how we can align ourselves with it to elevate our lives.

With this month’s full moon, we are prompted to release any beliefs and pathologies that do not serve us. It is likely that these beliefs and pathologies will be revealed by people or circumstances, but whether you heal them or not is up to you. The combination of the solar eclipse this month and the Lionsgate Portal creates a powerful energy that fuels whatever intention we set over the next two weeks up to August 21st. After purging on the full moon, focus on what you desire and intend to create in your life. 

The truth is not always easy to hear. However, expressing the truth is essential to the releasing and re-evaluating process. Look at your life and realize that everything occurring is the effect of your consciousness and pathologies. When you are able to look at yourself and shift to align with what you really desire, you will have August’s powerful energy backing you up. 

Did you miss the show? Click the link below to listen:


Conversations with Goddess M with Malane Shani, every Sunday night at 7 p.m. eastern. Goddess blessings for your day.

– Kari, Personal Assistant to Malane Shani aka Goddess M

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