Kari’s Elevated Goddess View for 6/18/17

On last Sunday’s show, we discussed the importance of men cultivating intimacy in their own relationships and lives. Intimacy, in its simplest definition, is the feeling of closeness created between two previously separate subjects. In relationships, intimacy is what creates the bond between people. There’s always that period during a blossoming relationship where you don’t feel ready to reveal yourself completely to the other person. You remain at the surface level, emotionally, physically, and energetically. Some people never reach the point of intimacy because doing so requires trust, authenticity, and openness. In our pain, we shield ourselves from the very things that would heal us. In society, men in particular shield themselves from experiencing intimacy. To be intimate with another man is taboo–for them, intimacy is equated with weakness, softness, and femininity. In truth, we all need to have a balance of masculine and feminine energy; demeaning men’s intimacy prevents the completion and healing from taking place. Allowing intimacy is a process of unlearning the conditioning of what it means to be “masculine” and a “man”, and embracing a new, spirit-led definition where masculinity finds strength in closeness.

Did you miss the show? Click the link below to listen:


Conversations with Goddess M with Malane Shani, every Sunday night at 7 p.m. eastern. Goddess blessings for your day.

– Kari, Personal Assistant to Malane Shani aka Goddess M


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