Reading for March 2nd, 2017

Greetings Loves,
It’s time to elevate our energy!!!! Whether you have felt stuck and stagnant or are moving through it’s now time to take it to the next level. By sparking flame within our joy and allowing it to burn away the old we surrender to a higher frequency and become one. One of the easiest and most joyful ways to do this is through joyful celebration. Allow yourself the opportunity to release without struggle. Take time to reflect on what is no longer serving you, & what does not move you into a more joyful and abundant state of being. Also think of things you have been doing for a while with the intention of creating certain results, but have not yet received them! Allow yourself to release these things and be open to new expanded ways of doing and being. As you finish reflecting turn on some uplifting joyful music, treat yourself to something sweet (whatever that is to you). Dance and sing and fall into the embrace of the sweetest parts of life & of you. Remembering all that you are grateful for, allow yourself to pour over abundantly in love!
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Sending You Love and Light
             Rose Oracle

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