Reading for February 28th, 2017

Greetings Loves,
Mondays message comes from the Mayan Oracles! We have been gifted with the energy of KAN. This energy represents seeding manifestation,  self germination,  creation,  fertile ground,  gestation,  opening, and erupting possibility. We are being asked to become aware and be honest about what comes up. Are you feeling feelings of insecurity? Or not feeling safe? If so we are asked to surrender these feelings,  trusting spirit in this process. When we close ourselves up because of insecurities or feeling unsafe and vulnerable we also close ourselves off from new possibilities. Be open to expansion in yourself and life. When you remain in one space,  you and your world is shut down from ever growing bigger and greater than it and you are in this moment. Give yourself the gift of transformation and rebirth. Allow your heart to open up to the possibility of your own dreams. Allow yourself to the drop the shackles that have held you bound to brokenness and limitations. This is your time and you have all the seeds and fertile ground needed to manifest and bloom your dream reality. Remember that there is always a way. If you are feeling stuck or like you can’t do it for whatever reason; understand this is you choosing not to grow. Perhaps this choice comes from fear of being let down or stepping out into the unknown. But without taking that leap of faith you choose to give up on you and the possibilities of you. Open to the possibility of there being another way, and the universe will show you the way. Change your mindset about what you feel you are and deserve to create. Realize that you are the one you have been waiting for. Make a decision to change and let spirit guide you the rest of the way.

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Sending You Love and Light
Rose Oracle


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