Reading for February 22nd, 2017

Greetings Loves,
The oracle has guided us,  along with our hard work and commitment to an open door. We are being presented with the opportunity to transcend all that we are and do. A gateway or initiation opportunity is standing before us. All of our hard work has paid off. It is now time to step through this open door. But it is truly up to you. You can remain with what is familiar or you can dive into the unknown realm of possibility. Pay close attention to new opportunities even if they aren’t what you would normally choose. Make sure you are allowing your joy and or what feeds your joy to lead you through your chosen door. Manik deals with cool water,  if you are needing assistance with your decision meditate and call on him. Being near a body of water or having a glass of water near you during this meditation will help to gain clarity from his spirit; and will teach you the ease and flowing movement of water. If you find that you have a hard time completing things, or feel as though you lack the power and or worthiness to move forward you are moving in the shadow of Manik. Manik asks you to allow yourself freedom. Take time to become aware of your resistances and distractions. Make the commitment to yourself to follow through on anything you have begun. Keeping a clear intention and being open to new ways of completing the project will allow you to feel grounded in the commitment. Remember to remain in gratitude in each moment, finding the light in every situation!

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Sending You Love and Light
Rose Oracle

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