Reading for February 20th, 2017

Greetings Loves,
We have been blessed with encouragement from our Angels. We are being guided with lots of excitement to dive into our purpose. If you are in the discovery stages start with what brings you joy. By following your passion you begin to paint the beautiful art that is your true life and purpose. This is the green light if you have been ready to start something that has been calling your spirit! Don’t worry about the mistakes or wrong turns. Allow your mistakes to become your master peice. Imagine your life as a blank canvas. It’s time to experience the magic of you! Remember that if you never get started your canvas will always be blank. You are worthy of experiencing your truest dream. Give your self the gift of you. Experiment until you find you and never stop for anything or anyone. Blessings on your journey loves!

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Sending Love and Light
Rose Oracle


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