Reading for February 19, 2017

Greetings Loves,
Sunday we are urged to step out into nature. Take a walk in the grass and breath in the divine blessing that air is. Plant your feet firmly on the earth and allow your true self to emerge with out restriction. Feel the acceptance from mother earth. Feel the unconditional love that radiates throughout you. In this space you are always cared for, and provided for. In this space practice stepping out as yourself. Get comfortable with the uniqness that is you. Just like the trees,  leaves,  or blades of grass each is uniquely different but each one makes the difference. You too as your true self are just as important and just as special. Allow yourself to feel the life that comes from owning your true identity. Become one with it as you inhale the air that is lovingly provided for you. Become one with the cycle of life/love from mother earth all way to you and back again. You are a divine reflection of source. It is time for you to fully embrace who you were always meant to be.

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Sending You Love and Light
Rose Oracle


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