Greetings Loves,
Saturdays message comes from the Ascended Masters. There is a lot shifting in our lives and in our world. We are about to see an increase of this in every area. We are asked to stay focused on our goals, as well as our joy and inner peace. Make sure you are taking time each day to get grounded, and send high vibrations out through the energy of love. There may be times that you find it hard to push through and it all may feel too heavy. During these times you will need to get tunnel focused on all that brings you peace. Submerge yourself in positivity and surrender all that does not fit. Remember that through the storm comes peace. As we move through this space keep your eyes on the prize and trust the process. Remember not to isolate yourself allow yourself to lean on the support of your collective. If you do not have a physical collective ask the angels to provide you with additional support, be open, and know they are always with you.

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Sending You Love & Light
Rose Oracle


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