Reading for February 16th, 2017

Greetings Loves,
Thursday’s reading is a very magical one centered around unconditional love and ascension. In this three card spread the first card represents the illusion or the things we aren’t seeing. The middle card represents us currently. The final card represents the gift or the outcome once harmony is brought between both the illusion and the present. In this reading the oracle guides us to look at the ways in which we love and accept growth. We are asked to release the judgment and expectations that put conditions on our love. And allow ourselves to open up to expanded and/or new ways of thinking. Releasing the boxes and constraints we have placed on people and ideas will allowed us to be open to and to give unconditional love. In doing this we open to our own transcended form of self love, as well as a limitless way of life, thinking,  and being. Currently we are in the midst of a huge reality, spiritual and mental transcendence. In this space we get to experience the magic of creation and letting go. As we dive into unconditional love and open to limitless growth and expansion we quicken our elevation and creation of our new reality. Take time to craft your desired reality and release all that no longer serves you. Remember to stay open to new ideas and way of being and thinking. The gifted outcome,  is total transcendence into a loving and transparent innocent connection to the divine. Remember to remain in integrity and release the need for approval and recognition.

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Sending You Love and Light
Rose Oracle


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