Reading for February 13th, 2017

Greetings Loves,
Our Oracle Guides are alerting us of a quickening in time and universal movement. We will all be experiencing a magnitude of shifts in vary degrees and types in our lives. We are urged not to resist but to surrender all fear, judgment, and old belief systems. We each are being blessed with the opportunity to be made whole by releasing the past. Remember, when the past comes knocking release it with love and light, and keep your momentum. We have entered into a phase of life in which things are falling and being birth with lightning speed. What has been deemed as impossible has now entered the realm of possibility. Be mindful of your thoughts and actions as these are direct messages to the universe that will be sent back in full manifestation. The time is now to develop skill and gifts and hone in on the power being granted to us as we do our light work here on earth. What do you desire right now? What things can you do to put these desires into manifestation mode? Are your thoughts, beliefs, and actions aligned with what you desire? If not, shift! Know that you are divinely protected and watched over. If you are needing guidance, or clarity send praying words to your guides and expect an immediate return.

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Sending you light and love
Rose Oracle


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