Reading for Tuesday, February 7th 2017

Greetings Loves,
Tuesdays Angel Message comes to alert us of a passing time and the beginnings of a new day! Some of you may be experiencing the release of the past. You are reminded that to make room for new you must release the old. This time will pass. Stay grounded, grateful,  and joyful in all you do sharing love with all. For those who are seeing the sunrise on this new day brace your self for the magical impact of the unknown. You are entering into uncharted territory. During this time you are being asked to embrace the totality of your purpose. Don’t hold back from your self dive forward in love and in harmony with divine spirit. Stay connected and watchful for signs and messages from spirit. Trust that along your way you have gained all the necessary tools to go and thrive where you are headed. Today is your day. Let’s make an impact & let’s make it a great one. Stay humble,  stay gracious, and know all is well!
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Sending you love and light
            Rose Oracle

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