Kari’s Elevated Goddess View 1/8/17

Kari’s Elevated Goddess View of Conversations with Goddess M. “Breaking Through The Deep” 01/08/17

Scientists say that when you hear a phrase repeated regularly enough, you’ll start to believe it. I’m starting to think that’s what happened with the phrase “knowledge is power”. There are so many people who spend all of their time digesting information and carrying their knowledge around like a badge, and when someone expresses unfamiliarity on a topic, they pop up and regurgitate whatever relevant information is stored in their head. The phrase “knowledge is power” is, in my opinion, incomplete. The phrase should really be “knowledge is power when it is applied.”
It’s easy to get stuck in your self-development journey when you think knowing is all that it takes to change your life. You’ll read hundreds of books, go to workshops and lectures, and spend all your time collecting knowledge of how you can transform your life. But then you don’t actually use any of the things you’ve learned. You can always tell if you have successfully applied and integrated with the information you’ve learned because your external reality will start to reflect your internal changes.
Put your books and videos and other means of gaining information down. Instead, ask yourself on a regular basis how you are putting your knowledge into practice, and keep a record of the external shifts in your life.
Information is more accessible than ever, and it has turned people into walking, talking, human filing cabinets. It doesn’t matter if you know the entire history of Egyptian empires if your relationships are deteriorating and you can’t pay your rent. Knowledge is not useful if you’re not using it to elevate your life. Knowledge is power when it is applied, so get some daily practices and leave the intellectual ego at the door.

Did you miss the show? Click the link below to listen:


Conversations with Goddess M with Malane Shani and Cristina Ashe, every Sunday night at 7 p.m. eastern. Goddess blessings for your day.

– Kari, Personal Assistant to Malane Shani aka Goddess M


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