Kari’s Elevated Goddess View 9/4/16

Kari’s Elevated Goddess View Of Conversations with Goddess M.
“Cosmic Climax: Path of The Ancients” 9/4/2016

One of the most heavily contested subjects, globally, is religion. People fight, kill, and marry others just based on their religious beliefs. On Conversations With Goddess M last Sunday, we discussed religion, among other things, and how our religious beliefs could keep us from what really resonates with us.

Although the common denominator of all religions is belief in a higher power, it has divided people for centuries. People hold on tightly to their religious beliefs and may even act out if they feel their beliefs are being attacked. It becomes a part of their identity. However, sticking to one religious practice can keep people from opening and expanding their minds and hearts. On the show, Malane used the example of a religious woman who resonated with everything Malane spoke of, but was afraid to do chakra toning, as she thought it was related to the devil.

Eventually the woman pushed past her fears and participated in the chakra toning, and found that she felt good afterwards. Her fear, based on what her religion told her was right and wrong, almost kept her from having a positive growth experience and clearing. When we ascribe to just one area of thought, we may miss out on the growth opportunities in learning about other areas of thought.

The key factor in making the shift from sticking to one area of thought to many is remembering that it is not your religion that permits your relationship with your higher power, it is only yourself.

Did you miss the show? Click the link below to listen:

Conversations with Goddess M with Malane Shani and Cristina Ashe, every Sunday night at 7 p.m. eastern. Goddess blessings for your day.

– Kari, Personal Assistant to Malane Shani aka Goddess M


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