4 Steps to Relationship Clarity

  1. What commitments are you willing to make in a relationship? Are you willing to cook for that person, are you willing to be monogamous, are you willing to be honest?
  2. What are your personal needs? What do you desire? Do you need a hug everyday? Do you need someone to be more financially stable than you? Do you want someone to have to love family?
  3. What are your liabilities, the stuff you’re afraid of letting people know you have a problem with? Do you smack on your cheerios? Do you withdraw? What’s your junk, what’s the stuff you carry?
  4. What are your non-negotiables? What are things you absolutely do not want to deal with?

Write your list out and see where you are; you will have more clarity around what it is that you want out of your current relationship or what type of relationship you want to have.  

– Sulonda Smith, from “Love and Relationships: Cultivating Intimacy”

You can listen to this show here



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