4 Steps on How to Practice Non-Attachment

1. Befriend yourself
Your self-worth should come from within, not from what you perceive that others think of you. Interact with new people and stay open to new connections. Strive to maintain healthy relationships with people you do interact with daily, giving one another breathing space and not expecting too much of others.

2. Refrain from building walls of illusions around you
An obsession with the future is an attachment as much as is an obsession with the past. If your head is in the future, you’re missing the now and how well you live right now makes all the difference for tomorrow’s outcomes.

3. Let go of your attachment to feelings
Feelings are powerful but if we let them control us, we can feel like we are in bondage or being held hostage. Accept that sometimes we will feel pain and loss, but we can choose to suffer endlessly or to learn and move on. Feelings are better out than in, so expressing them will help you deal with them more productively than bottling them up inside. Write in a journal, write a letter and burn it, or talk to your invisible or even best trusted friend. Find outlets for your feelings so that they don’t serve as toxic and unhealthy attachments.

4. Lastly, remember: people come and people go. Let them come and let them go.


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