4 steps on why we should break cycles and patterns from the past

  1. When you keep making the same decisions and having the same regrets, it drains your energy, eventually leaving you feeling too weak to take control of your own fate.
  2. When you are living in cycles and patterns that don’t serve your highest good or encourage your evolution, you are always searching for that person place or things that is going to free you from the emotional roller coasters. You constantly have to deal with fear and lack.
  3. You never reach your full potential…most people never reach even a portion of their potential…because in order to do that you have to be inside of your own life, not stuck in a pattern or cycle that does not belong to you or stuck in a cycle that you created out of fear or as a defense mechanism.
  4. When you linger in cycles from the past you tend to Be insecure and allow ego to take control of your life, and you Operate in a lower vibration which will attract other lower vibrations that you will always respond to because of your unawareness of where you are or who you are. So those people places or things that are on higher vibrations will not be attracted to you, i.e abundance…the right life partner….dream career etc.        


Excerpt from “Who’s life are you living..breaking cycles and patterns of the past” by Malane Shani 8/2012



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