Kari’s Elevated Goddess View 4/17/16

Kari’s Elevated Goddess View Of Conversations with Goddess M. Food is Medicine… Self-Care and the Practice of Non- Attachment. 4/17/2016

We had a powerful show last Sunday evening on Conversations with Goddess M. We discussed the correlation between emotions and our health and the importance of the energy of our food with Carla DeRosa, RAWx Star Health & Wellness Coach and Health Consultant and Raw Living Foods Instructor.

Our health/diet and our emotions are connected in many ways, some are obvious and some aren’t. It’s fairly well known that we can mistake hunger for boredom, stress, or sadness, and end up eating as a way to soothe our emotions. However, our emotions can even be apart of the reason why we have certain ailments or why we can’t seem to lose weight. When we “stuff” our emotions by ignoring them and rejecting them, they build up and start to make themselves known in any way they can, and this can mean physical manifestations. When healing our bodies, we should remember to always address the body emotionally as well as physically. You can have the ‘healthiest’ diet full of vitamins and fruits and still have health issues because the other bodies aren’t in alignment–such as your emotional body or your spiritual body.

Carla DeRosa made a point that I found very interesting, and it was that the issue isn’t always necessarily a matter of eating or not eating meat, because there are many indigenous peoples and cultures all over the world who consume meat. The issue is with the energy we carry and our intentions carry when we are dealing with food. In the American food industry, animals are pumped with hormones and chemicals and severely abused for the sake of a larger profit; the energy behind that is exploitative and crude. In other cultures, animals are revered–sometimes even sacred–and when they are consumed, the meat is blessed and appreciated as a source of sustenance. I learned that the energy you put behind what you do and think is just as important as what you’re actually doing.

Did you miss the show? Click the link below to listen:

Conversations with Goddess M with Malane Shani and Cristina Ashe, every Sunday night at 7 p.m. eastern. Goddess blessings for your day.

– Kari, Personal Assistant to Malane Shani aka Goddess M


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