Thank you collective for your support of Conversations with Goddess M over the past two years, it has been an amazing journey! Conversations with Goddess M has officially ended, Sunday’s show “Step Out of the Matrix… Elevated View for Millennials” was our final broadcast. However, with all endings come new beginnings. Stay tuned for Activate U Now University, a virtual place of study where you can practice and integrate with all the topics we discussed on the show, and The House of Clearing, featuring videos with Malane Shani sharing her goddess light on how to clear your life and manifest your authentic dreams.

Thank you again collective for your support, love, and light. Let’s keep in touch! Goddess blessings!

Through my experience with Coach Malane I have had life changing results. Malane’s technique and intuitiveness have supported the removal of destructive and unprofitable behavior patterns and put me on a path to realizing my goals. Malane is always there to support and answer questions when I encounter obstacles.

Michael Mason

When I started working with Malane I was struggling with my family relationships and my career.  Malane helped me to recognize my power to transform my life by transforming myself.  Her strength and support has given me the courage to break old patterns which were holding me back and to upgrade the quality of my relationships, career and lifestyle.  Thank you Malane!  I don’t know where I would be without you.

Sandy Freschi